A/V: HH Scott – Vacuum Tube Audio

Dedicated to HH Scott Vintage Vacuum Tube (or “Valve”) audio equipment.

A few HH Scotts from my collection:

HH Scott amps and tuners

Community and More Info:

HH Scott Tuners:
This is my rambling, never quite completed, but still fairly useful history of Scott Tuners. It covers several decades tuners and has a ton of practical experience in repairing, restoring, and aligning them.
I did a cleanup pass in mid-2020, it’s at version 0.97 now.
A downloadable PDF file: hhscott tuner alignment-97

HH Scott Amps:
LK-150 amp: Scott LK-150 Amp (and my rebuild notes)

Some Vintage Resources:  (Links active as of 2020.06)
Rebuild and Service: NOSValves
Rebuild and Service: Classic Tube Audio
Tube supplier: Doug’s Tubes
Tube Supplier: Radio Electric Supply (RES)
Tube Supplier: The Tube Store
Parts and Tubes: Antique Electronics Supply (AES)
Capacitors and resistors: Just Radios

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