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This is the place for audio and electronics stuff, home automation adventures, Arduino programming and puttering, and other tech tinkering.

A few notes on why your internet is getting slow during the covid-19 lockdown:

2019.12.01 – Electret mics
– Notes on using and testing electret mics: electret-mics-and-pro-audio/

2019.11.11 – Facmogu F900S amp
– Looking at a cute little (card deck sized) audio amp, the F900S class D amp. It has Bluetooth, an aux in, and a USB “soundcard” input, and an overly optimistic 50 watt power rating, but still nifty gadget and a good value at $24 USD.
More about it here: Facmogu – micro audio amp

2019.07.30 – Tube (or “Valve”) Line level Audio buffer
– It turns out this topic was a tad more complex then I thought, here’s my notes on a couple of these units. Taking a look at: Tube Audio Buffers

2109.07.07 – Rebuilding the Scott LK-150 Power Amp
– Note and pics from the rebuild.

2019.06.26 – The Home Automation page is here.
The Home automation project is moving along, and actually working! It’s based around a Universal Devices ISY994i controller, which handles and centralizes Insteon, Z-Wave, and IR control protocols.
My main interests were security and safety lighting, and also automating and fixing some lighting issues. Along the way, some other applications suggested themselves.

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