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A/V: Video chatting, group conferencing and webcasting


Some basics

First, what do you want to do?

As usual, your requirements should be thought through before you start downloading apps and buying stuff.

If you just want to talk to another person, (one – one) then almost any of the apps or methods out there will work. I’ll call this Video Chatting, and it’s what Facebook’s video chat and apple’s facetime does acceptably well. It’s when you want to get a group of people together that things get more complex.

Group meetings roughly fall into three scenarios:

  • Distance learning scenario – one to many
  • Group Meeting scenario – many to many
  • Broadcast scenario – one to many entertainment, minimal or no feedback

Let’s look at these scenarios a little more closely.

A group meeting always has a host or organizer that sets up the meeting, starts the session, and moderates it. They also set the type of video and audio sharing that happens

Designing and equipment


A handy etiquette guide – Teleconferencing notes

A burning question?

Today’s odd shower thought. (Follow along at home.)
According to most christian religions, humans are “made in gods image”.
So that means the converse is true too: god looks like us.

OK, so then how often does god poop?

And… To continue with this, if god is assumed to be perfect, then gods poop must likewise be perfect.
What does perfect poop look and smell like?

For that matter, what does a heavenly bathroom look like? TP or a bidet? Who cleans them? How does a celestial waste disposal plant work?

This is a whole Pandora’s box of poop.

Demon musings

Much is made about accidentally summoning a demon, but just think about how that must make a demon feel?
I mean, he/she/it/they respond to your call, ready to do some damage, and its all like hand fluttering and “oh dear” and nary a request for limitless power or destruction of the universe or whatever.

I suspect this is really why demons are always in a bad mood, constant interruptions by people with poor planning skills.
So, always have some nice hot tea ready when attempting to read Latin, fix a buttonhole, calculate your taxes, and other such activities prone to accidental demon summoning.
Then if a demon is invoked, simply act nonchalant and offer a spot of tea. Viola! New BFF, and a happy demon.

Your PSA for today.

Photoshoot with Chey

Chey is a traveling model I’ve worked with several times. She was briefly available on her way to Canada, so of course I had to shoot with her. Her exotic looks and sunny personality are perfect for a beach shoot.
She even brought her own prop. 🙂 That’s Leo, her travel buddy.

Chey and Leo