A few notes about your IP connection

If you’re having internet issues, remember it’s an ecosystem, and a rather complex one at that.

Part one: Your end
– Wifi spectrum and bandwidth is a shared resource. So is your comcast/cable connection.
– Video streaming and gaming are resource hogs.
– Many of your neighbors and their kids are home too. Guess what thy’re doing too?

Part two: The other end
– Your ISP also has bandwidth constraints and something called a fairness policy, which basically means when their overall bandwidth is getting low, they’ll constrain your share so others can get a slice too. It’s another shared resource.
– At the far end, the service you’re accessing has constraints too. For example, how many connections at once can their server design handle, how do they handle their bandwidth issues, and what’s the expected reliability and service agreement,

And that’s just some of the reasons your netflix or disney+ or zoom or MPU game is stuttering.

Part 3: What to do
– Plug in your computers ethernet connection instead of using wifi. Wifi is not just a shared resource in your household on your router, it’s also a shared radio space with your neighbors. Remember old style broadcast TV VHF, channels 2-13? Now think about you *and all your neighbors* trying to use that limited channel space, one channel per device. Yeah, not good. Also remember that fairness thing previously?
– Turn down your video resolution and frame rates. Going from 1920×1080 to 640×480 is about 1/4 the bandwidth, and going from 60FPS to 30 or 24 is another halving of bandwidth.
– Visit less trafficked sites. Or turn off your device and take a walk!

We’re all in this together! Be thoughtful, be kind.

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