Scott LK-150 Power Amp

Scott LK-150


This very high quality vintage  amp was available from 1961-1964 as a $170 kit, or about $1400 in 2019 dollars. It was also available “pre-wired” for $270. It uses a pair of 5AR4 rectifiers, a 7199 driver and a pair 6550 outputs for each channel.  It is widely regarded as an excellent sounding amp, even today. My rebuilt one bears this out, and it measures well too.

Here’s an Audio Precision THD vs frequency plot at  1 watt RMS. (The vertical scales are 0 to 1% for THD, +/- 3dB for the freq resp.) IOW, the freq resp is a very flat 20Hz to 20K, +0/-.5dB at less than .2% THD.
Not bad for a 60 yr old amp!










As of 2019, I’m presently working on one of these for my main “monitor speakers”  amp.

Scott LK-150 amp, underside

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