S.D.E. Plan

Daev and Lynn’s plan for “Socially Distanced Entertaining” or
Low risk, high fun gatherings for drinks, movies, maybe food in the era of CV-19.

As of 2020.06.23, the biggest pandemic risk factors seem to be:|
-people closely packed together
-time near other people
-face to face w/o masks
-enclosed spaces

Meaning people spaced apart and outdoors with lots of air flow is much safer overall.

For the people part of the equation, we’ll all wear masks as much as possible.
Examples include arrivals, departures, and any time we’re not at our tables, like approaching/leaving the drink pouring station, wandering around the garden, or food prep.
Note that compulsive hand washing and glove wearing is no longer considered a fetish. 🙂

For the outdoor part, the key risks are lack of distance/space, poor air circulation, and common touch surfaces. Listed below are our risk reduction strategies.

Addressing Distance and Space:
We’re setting up our back yard to have 3 or so well spaced 2-people groups (cohabitating people pods) to sit and socialize from. Distances between groups are 10 feet or more, and we have a side gate and sidewalk to get to the back yard.

On occasion, we may use the fire pit (not in this pic, far left). Two couples can sit about six feet apart, plus the flame will be going up between them. Let us know if you are uncomfortable with doing that.

Movie watching will be implemented with a projector, the pull down screen is back by the blue tarp.

Entertaining area

Addressing Air flow:
Next, we’re strategically placing fans to create “air curtains” to reduce the risk of aerosol and droplet cross contamination. The prevailing wind is also considered.
(In the photo above it’s typically left to right / west to east) .

Addressing Common Surfaces:
We will sanitize each group setting (tables, chairs) before use, and we’ll use an intermediate surface to exchange items and food as needed.

Food and drink:
For those uncomfortable with being “barefaced” to socialize, we have “disposable” face shields available. The face shield sits far enough away from your face to sip a straw under and to nibble finger foods as well.

We’ll have guests bring their own dishes, napkins, etc. and pack them out, that prevents a lot of common touch surfaces. Please place your trash in our brown trash bin when you exit.

We haven’t fully worked out how to safely share food yet. For now, munchies and finger food can be brought by each guest group. Also, we are working on a burner or grill at each table idea to cook right there. Have installed two 20 amp circuits for electric griddles at tables, also have a pair of propane “Burton” burners.

With mask precautions we think we can host safely enough to serve wine and cocktails by pouring into glasses on an intermediate surface. Then once we retreat, you can retrieve your glasses. We have some plastic tumblers that are easy to sanitize, or guest can provide their own.

Inside restroom access:
We aren’t ready to provide this generally yet, we don’t have touch-less fixtures there and the ventilation is just a small window. In the event of a crisis, we’ll escort you to the front door and the guest bathroom and sanitize afterward.

Hand washing
As of 2020.07.24, I’ve installed an outdoor sink by the backyard patio.
It even has warm water! Cool, eh?
Paper towels and a touchless soap dispenser will complete this picture… shortly.

Sink by patio

We’re in the Banana Belt, but this is Santa Cruz; that late afternoon breeze can feel chilly. Bring layers or a jacket. A tent heater is arriving soon for really chilly evenings.

We think pets fall into the more dangerous “common surfaces” category, as everyone will pet them.
Please don’t bring your pet and we request you do not pet our cats either, sorry.

Author Notes to self, issues to resolve

Restroom access: Not ready yet.
My thought is we’d escort around to the front door and have guests use our front “guest bathroom”, sanitizing all touch surfaces before and after. We’ll have to remove hand towels, soaps etc. and install a set of touch-less fixtures (faucets and soap dispenser).
Perhaps a HEPA air filter would help?

We are contemplating how to safely socialize once cooler and wetter weather arrives, probably by using the garage party space with fans, the tent heater, maybe curtains.

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