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or… Pinup, FineArt, & Erotica [NSFW]

This page is dedicated to my Pinup, FineArt & Erotica [NSFW] work.
If you are under 18 or nudes/erotica photos offend you, I suggest you visit my other page, General Photography , other wise.. Scroll on down!


Welcome to my FineArt page [NSFW]

Here you will find images from over a decade of photography in these genres, also pithy comments and random thoughts about pinup, FineArt, working with models, etc.

Visit my online gallery at SMUGMug – _daevs Fine Art.
I can also be found on Model Mayhem and IG.
I will shortly be adding more nude and erotic content to a couple of “pay as you go” sites, stay tuned!


Setting up another shoot w Chey this week. Oh boy!

..and it turned out well.

Chey at the beach

More of this set coming soon!

Vivian, a beach, and a colorful scarf. Nothing else needed!
Experimenting with body painting with Mina.
Chey at the beach, dancing with the wind.

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